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Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson Series #3)

Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson Series #3) - I love this series! I have a huge girl crush on Mercy. I love Patricia Briggs’ fascinating world where werewolves and fae walk amongst us. In this installment of the Mercy Thompson series, Mercy is asked to investigate a few murders on the fae reservation. She accompanies Zee to sniff out several of the crime scenes. Mercy seems to have the power to act as a bridge between our world and the super secret world of the fae. The fae world reminds me of Dr. Who’s tardis – what we see on the outside is not necessarily the reality. The fae reservation seems to be a portal to their Underhill, complete with a sandy ocean and a hungry selkie. The characters are what make this series so special. We are treated to Samuel’s musical side at the Tumbleweed festival, Warren and Kyle’s homey and entertaining banter, and some very eye opening girl talk between Honey and Mercy. Ben, a character that I despised in the last book, redeemed himself with his revelations to Adam about Mercy. I liked how we are given a glimpse of Zee without his fae glamor. Nemane, one of the Gray Lords, was a great addition to the fae cast of characters, as was the very hungry and scary Fideal. It is in this book that Mercy’s special role in her world is fully realized. Mercy understands that she walks a fine line between calming and inciting her wolves. She has a special place in Zee and Uncle Mike’s hearts, too. Mercy is therefore under the protection of both the wolves and the fae. The best part of the book was Mercy’s self realization of her choice of mate. Throughout the first two books she vacillated between Samuel and Adam in a kind of love triangle (or square if you add Stefan). This competition between two dominant wolves was tenuous at the best of times. Mercy’s thought process behind her choice was truly insightful.I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. I can’t seem to get enough of this world.