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Sunset Embrace

Sunset Embrace - Sandra Brown I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. It arrived with a signed copy of Long Time Coming.I have mixed feelings about this book. This is my first time reading Sandra Brown and I didn’t know what to expect. This is also one of her earlier books. I enjoyed the story, but I absolutely despised the characters. Sunset Embrace takes place on a wagon train ride out west. Our heroine Lydia is discovered nearly dead after giving birth to a stillborn son in a pile of leaves by two members of the wagon train. Lydia is taken in by Ma Langston and she continues on with the wagon train. A short while later, a woman dies during childbirth. Her husband Ross is inconsolable with grief and the baby is near death. Lydia is recruited to be that child’s wet nurse. And so begins a rather annoying relationship.I think what bothered me the most was Ross’ treatment of Lydia. Lydia was never as good, as pure, and as perfect as his late wife Victoria. He constantly calls Lydia a whore, yet he is jealous when anyone pays any attention to Lydia. Lydia is damaged goods. She comes from an abusive background where her stepbrother took pleasure in raping and degrading her. Ross’ character had possibilities. After all, he was a member of the Jesse James gang. That alone could have provided endless interest. But Ross was just plain mean. Sure he had his tender moments, but raping your wife sure doesn’t fall into that category. I understand why Lydia put up with Ross’ behavior. She didn’t know any better and life in those times was difficult for an unmarried, unchaperoned woman. Lydia did stand up for herself, but I really wished she had revealed her abuse earlier.I do have a copy of Sandra Brown’s newest book Ricochet. I am interested to see how her writing style has evolved over the years.