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Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega Series #1)

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs Before you read this book, it is highly recommended that you read the short story Alpha & Omega: A Companion Novella to Cry Wolf or On the Prowl. Otherwise, it will feel like three chapters are missing at the beginning of the book.I think I am in love with Patricia Briggs’ world of werewolves. Ms. Briggs not only gives us original werewolf lore but she also puts the reader inside their minds. We get a glimpse of the constant battle for control over the animal instincts of the wolf. The author also weaves in some Native American magic into her wolf lore. The novel is set in Montana and the majestic wilderness of the Cabinet Mountains, a great playground for the werewolves. I fell in love with Charles Cornick when I read On the Prowl. Charles is part Native American, part werewolf. He is magical, sexy, and deadly. Charles is Bran’s son, and the pack enforcer. Charles’ wolf or Brother Wolf as he refers to him, falls immediately for Anna and his protective instincts are dominant. Anna is a special type of wolf-- an Omega, a type of wolf that can calm other wolves. The Omega does not have to obey the Alpha wolf. Omegas are extremely rare and special. Anna is damaged goods. Forced to become a werewolf against her wishes, she was subjected to horrifying abuse. Anna is a survivor and she proves to be brave, strong, and resourceful despite her hardships. Anna is also a very likable character. Charles and Anna are perfect for each other. It’s actually a very sweet love story. The inner wolves chose each other as mates before their human selves were aware. The secondary characters make this story come to life. Asil is an old wolf, and he is very mysterious. I love how his past is slowly revealed. I first “met” Bran when I read the first two Mercy books. Bran is a multi-dimensional character. He is the head of all the wolves and is very powerful, though at first glance, he does not seem to be so authoritarian. Bran chose to be in a loveless relationship because he did not want to lose another love again. I really wish Bran would get his own book. I hope to get to the next book Hunting Groundsoon.