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Noble Intentions: Noble Series, Book 1 (Noble Historical Novel)

Noble Intentions  - Katie MacAlister Katie MacAlister is now officially one of my favorite authors. Noble Intentions was one of the most amusing books I have ever read. I laughed, chuckled, giggled, guffawed, snorted, and basically fell off my chair reading this book. At times, I couldn’t even hold the book straight because I was laughing so hard.Where do I start? Noble Intentions is the story of Gillian Leigh and Noble Britton, or Lord Wessex and their rather chaotic life together. Gillian is an endearing character. She stumbles through life with grace and quick wit. Gillian suffers from an Unfortunate Habit; she tends to verbalize thoughts that are best kept to her. Gillian’s Unfortunate Habits are a source of both embarrassment and entertainment for all those around her. Gillian tends to be unconventional and it is this aspect that leads to all sorts of farcical situations. For example, Gillian is rather demonstrative with her affections for Noble and while leaping into his arms, caused a large vase to fall on his head rendering him unconscious. Another demonstrative incident led to Gillian’s fall into a waterfall. I could go on and on about how entertaining Gillian’s character was. My favorites would be the names she would call Noble. Noble was her Lord of Bliss, her Lord of Fury, her Lord of Manliness and Virility, and her Lord of Pigheadedness, amongst other names. Even Gillian’s dogs were interesting with names like Piddle and Erp. Both dogs suffered from some unfortunate gastric problems. Noble is an interesting character. Noble is Lord Wessex, or the Black Earl. He has lost favor from society because he was wrongfully accused of his late wife’s death. Noble seeks to clear his name throughout the book. Noble is handsome, most virile, and muscular. He is also very generous, anonymously helping out a friend to keep him out of debt. Noble is a loving husband to Gillian and a doting father to Nick. All the people surrounding Noble and Gillian are characters. The Tremaynes are triplets that work for Noble. Gillian calls them Tremayne One, Tremayne Two, and Tremayne Three. One of Noble’s servants Crouch is mistaken for a pirate by Gillian because he has a hook for a hand. If you are looking for something upbeat and entertaining, laugh out loud funny, then this book is a great choice. I definitely will be reading more Katie MacAlister books in the future.