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The Blind Pig

The Blind Pig - Elizabeth Dougherty I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.Have you ever wondered how safe your food really is? Where it comes from? What is being added to your food? In the year 2063, meals are specially synthesized to fit each individual’s personal nutritional needs. Nutrition, not taste or texture, is the key.In a society plagued by a severe lack of resources, global warming, pollution, and multiple food recalls, the NArc (Nutritional Architecture System) provides its residents specially tailored meals. People no longer suffer from food related illnesses such as diabetes or obesity. “Real” food does exist, but it is prohibited. People who each such foods are called “Cheaters.” If a “Cheater is caught, there are monetary fines, or re-education in Food School. Some Cheaters may lose their free government health care. Angela Amselm is an investigative reporter on the food beat. She is approached by a woman who has fallen ill, despite her nutritionally sound diet. The woman dies and Angela sets out to investigate her death. What follows is a fascinating story of how Angela and her friends trace the cause of this woman’s death. Angela experiences real food for the first time. She leaves the city to go to Vermont (now a separate county) to see how food is produced and sold. Angela’s articles detail her experiences with real food.The Blind Pig is also the story of how corporations put their own well being and profits ahead of the public good. Angela’s articles are quickly shot down by the corporations. As expected, there is a conspiracy going on, and the forces behind this conspiracy are very sinister indeed.I truly enjoyed this novel. The characters were interesting and multi-dimensional. I loved the author’s world building and the society that she created. I found that the novel was original and refreshing. I was fascinated by the entire story. This is an excellent effort for a first novel. I hope to see more books by Ms. Dougherty in the future.