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Lies (Gone Series #3)

Lies - Michael  Grant I was surprised to find Lies at the library last week. I have enjoyed this series a lot and I was hoping for a resolution with this book. Well, there wasn’t any resolution. The story is still not finished and three more books are planned.Lies continues where Hunger left off. Everyone over the age of fifteen has disappeared. The remaining kids are trying to follow some sort of order, but everything seems to be falling apart. Some kids are very successful at contributing to this new society; others are doing their best to make sure that they fail. Some of my favourite characters have returned. Astrid continues the job of leading the council. Sam is our unlikely leader. Quinn starts a fishing collective. Albert ensures that there is some sort of economy. Others like Mary work tending to the young children. The world of the FAYZ is a terrifying world. Some of the kids have developed super powers – some destructive, some useful. These kids are called Freaks by some of the normal kids. Underlying all of these super powered kids is a sort of evil, the gaiaphage. This evil seems to thrive on chaos and destruction.I loved the new characters that were added to the story. Wisdom (Sanjit) and Virtue (Choo) were absolutely wonderful characters. Both these characters and their three other siblings had been living on an island off of Perdido Beach, so they were unaware of the chaos. I also liked how we were given a quick glimpse of the outside world. I had feelings of despair when I read this book. I still can’t decide if I like this series or not. It reminds me of something that Stephen King would write – it’s just that creepy in parts. I did tire of the general whininess of some of the characters. I’m not sure if I’ll want to read the rest of the series. I really was hoping for an end, a resolution, the light at the end of the tunnel. I probably will read the next instalment. I feel compelled to do so.