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Talk Me Down

Talk Me Down - Victoria Dahl Loved it! What a fun book to read! If you enjoy reading contemporary romance, Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl is a treat. It was sweet, humorous, and sexy. I was actually sad that the book ended; I wanted to stay in Tumble Creek just a little bit longer.Why was this book such an enjoyable read? I would have to say it has to be the characters. Ben Lawson and Molly Jennings are a really interesting couple. Ben is the police chief of Tumble Creek. He is well respected, well liked, and a really nice guy. And he really looks good in a cowboy hat. Molly is sexy, flirty, and very independent. She also has a secret that she keeps from her friends and family. Molly has made successful living writing erotic romance novels. I love how Molly and Ben’s relationship progresses. Molly has had a crush on Ben ever since she was in high school. Both Molly and Ben are clearly attracted to each other. Ben is perplexed by Molly’s secrecy, and each chapter begins with him speculating what Molly’s profession is. His guesses include vocations like online sex performer, phone sex operator, and surrogate mother for hire. There are some hot and steamy moments, and they are well written. Of course, the relationship hits a few bumps along the way. Molly’s reaction to those bumps was to try to make Ben jealous. I did get tired of some of the relationship games after a while, but they did not get in the way of my enjoyment of the book. I also enjoyed the small town feel of this book. Tumble Creek seemed like the perfect small town – a place where everyone knows each other. I am looking forward to reading the next installment of the Tumble Creek books – Start Me Up.