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Fool Moon (Dresden Files Series #2)

Fool Moon (Dresden Files Series #2) - 3.5 stars Harry’s back. This time he has some furry friends to deal with. The second installment of the Dresden Files, Fool Moon was exciting, action-packed, and blood-drenched. This book is full of werewolves – and all kinds of them. I loved how Jim Butcher took the werewolf lore and used many different kinds of werewolves to add layers of interest to this book. Fool Moon is a darker story. Harry struggles with his inner wizard throughout this book. He is tempted by the black magic, but makes an effort not to use it. Harry is able to enter the minds of his rivals through a soulgaze. I love this concept. Through the soulgaze, Harry is able to sense his rivals’ emotions and intentions. It was especially awesome when he entered the mind of a predator. The lure of the hunt, the scents, and the bloodlust were experienced. I enjoyed the secondary characters in this book. Tera, the mostly naked shapeshifter, created some interesting diversions for our hero. I was surprised that I liked Susan a lot more in this book, especially after she took care of Harry’s injuries. Karrin Murphy frustrated me a little. I felt that she was always trying to arrest Harry, instead of using his wizard skills. I loved Johnny Marcone the mob boss’ character. I saw him as a kind of character that tried to tempt Harry to the dark side. And how can I forget Mister, the Coke-drinking cat? Love him!I did not like this book as much as Storm Front. Bob the Skull did not get enough exposure in this book and Toot the fairy was missed. All in all, a fun but blood drenched, gore filled read. Looking forward to reading Grave Peril soon.