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Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson, Book 2)

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs This second book of Patricia Brigg’s Mercedes Thompson series did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this book. There was action, suspense, and the beginnings of a “love square” (as opposed to a love triangle).There are so many aspects of this novel that I liked. I enjoyed the werewolf and vampire politics. I loved that Mercy was able to manoeuvre herself through the myriad of behaviors so that she would not offend or incite either werewolf or vampire. A few more vampires are introduced, and we learn more about some of the others. Stefan becomes more and more likable with each book. Not only is he totally infatuated with all things Scooby Doo, but he is also a caring master of his human menagerie. Stefan also seems to be very attracted to Mercy. Mercy’s relationship with Adam continues to remain complicated. He has made her his mate in order to protect her. In werewolf politics, a mate holds the same rank, so Mercy is treated with the respect due to an Alpha. Mercy’s roommate Samuel still has feelings for her. It will be interesting to see who Mercy will choose.The villain in this book is so destructive and evil. A combination of vampire and demon, he is very powerful and able to mesmerize vampires. The werewolves take quite the battering from this character. There were several subplots that I did enjoy. I loved it when Mercy would talk to Mrs. Hanna’s ghost. She was a wonderfully quirky character and an interesting addition to the plot. I also liked how Mercy acted as a liaison between Tony from the local police department and the werewolves. I am really enjoying this series and I can’t wait to read the next book.