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Mine Till Midnight (Hathaway Series #1)

Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas Have you ever finished reading a novel and just sat there and sighed? Did you ever feel sad that the book was finished? Sad, yet happy, at the same time? A goofy smile on your face? Mine Till Midnight left me feeling like that. What a thoroughly enjoyable book.I had never read anything by Lisa Kleypas before, but I was assured that I was in for a treat. The book is like a festival for the senses. I literally did not put it down. The reader is transported to England in the mid 19th century. I was immersed in that world – the world of stately mansions, horses and carriages, proper manners, beautiful ball gowns, class distinctions, and of course, romance and forbidden love.The characters are well developed and interesting. Cam Rohan is the dark and mysterious Roma that falls for our heroine, Amelia Hathaway. Cam always seems to be at the right place at the right time and seems to help the Amelia and the Hathaway family often. Cam is torn between returning to a simple life living under the stars or being with Amelia. It is interesting to note that Cam feels that he is cursed and that his curse is the ability to make money. In contrast, Amelia’s brother Leo seems cursed with the ability to lose money. Leo does not take responsibility for his family; instead he chooses to drink and gamble their meagre stipend away. Leo is grieving the loss of his love Laura and does not see a point to living.I really liked Amelia’s character. She acted as the de facto head of her family, made all the decisions and arrangements for all. She cared for her sickly sister. Amelia worried about her sisters’ clothes, their education, and their introduction to society. I enjoyed how her relationship with Cam developed. It was absolutely beautiful.I’ve added the rest of the Hathaways books to my ever-growing to-read list. I can’t wait to read more Lisa Kleypas novels.