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Changeless (Parasol Protectorate Series #2)

Changeless (Parasol Protectorate Series #2) - I had an interesting conversation with my husband last week and I told him about this genre of writing called Steampunk. He scratched his head and I explained that there were all sorts of mechanical gadgets, usually powered by steam, usually set in Victorian England, and that there are now a lot of novels that are set in the world of Steampunk. The other day he told me that he saw a reference to Steampunk in a Tech Republic newsletter and he was so proud that he knew what it was.Changeless fits under the Steampunk genre. But it could also fit under humor, Victorian novels, novels with bad hats, and novels with cool inventions. This is a world with glassicals, dirigibles, pimped up parasols, aethographic transmitters, and other really cool gadgets. One of my few criticisms of this series is that there are no pictures or schematics of these amazing inventions. It is also a world with proper Victorian English manners. The women wear corsets and long dresses, frilly hats, and gloves. They are prim and proper. They carry parasols. Alexia Tarabotti, now the Lady Woolsey carries a pimped up parasol that doubles as a weapon. I love Alexia’s character. She never seemed to care about the latest fashions or the silly hats – but a new invention – that got her excited.In this installment of the Parasol Protectorate series, something is causing the preternatural creatures to change into mortals. Alexia follows the trail (and her husband) to Scotland to solve the mystery. Alexia is accompanied by Mr. Tunstell, her snarky half-sister Felicity, and her best friend Ivy. I am not sure why Alexia’s sister is in this book, if not just to goad Ivy and drive Alexia crazy. Ivy continues to be her usual clueless self. Some new characters are introduced, notably Madame Lefoux, an inventor who likes to dress like a man. Madame Lefoux’s character is both mysterious and refreshing. Lord Akeldama and Professor Lyall also make appearances as well. And I did like Lord Maccon until the end of the story.Gail Carriger has a unique writing style. There are interesting observations, understatements, and humorous situations. I found myself giggling and thoroughly enjoying this book. The ending bothered me and I felt like smacking a certain character. I am so happy that Blameless came out this week. I won’t have to wait to read it.