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Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels Series #4)

Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews Wow! I had so much fun reading this book. I wanted to share every funny line with all of my Goodreads friends. I couldn’t stop updating my status with all the good lines (and there were many). So much happens in this book. I just didn’t want it to end.The book begins with Kate, fulfilling her side of a bargain, cooking her naked dinner for Curran. When Curran doesn’t show for dinner, Kate is devastated. You expect Kate to fly off the handle, go crazy, run to the Keep and confront Curran, but this is a new, mellower version of Kate. Go figure. And let the games begin...Anyhow, this new version of Kate is all over this book. Yes, she still shoots off her mouth, and yes she still is impulsive. Kate now has moments of diplomacy and negotiation. Kate actually seems to think out the repercussions of her actions, which is a major development for Kate. Kate’s internal dialogue is very entertaining. You get a feel for her every thought and motive. The sexual tension between Kate and Curran is absolutely delicious. Probably the funniest and most interesting scenes revolve around cat mating rituals. Kate completed her research well and managed to come up with hilarious results involving welded doors and catnip. At first, Curran was too dense to figure out what Kate was doing. He later retaliates with some well placed glue. Kate gets a sidekick in this book – Grendel, the shaved poodle. Grendel is an unlikely sidekick. His claim to fame is that he can vomit and urinate at the same time, although he does surprise Kate later on in the book. The antagonist in this book is very ancient and surprisingly familiar to Kate. Steel Mary made a formidable enemy. It did seem to me that Kate was constantly battling this creature. Kate takes a lot of hits and you wonder how she could possibly survive. I enjoyed how Ilona Andrews ties in ancient history with all kinds of lore and mysticism from other cultures. The Jewish temple guarded by a golem and the Jewish magic squares are a few examples. There is so much more I could say, but then this review would be as long as the book. If you haven’t read the series – What are you waiting for? I know I am waiting for Magic Slays. Can’t wait!