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Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Jaz Parks Series #1)

Once Bitten, Twice Shy - Jennifer Rardin 3.5 stars As I started reading this book, I felt a tinge of déjà vu. The main character is a kick-ass girl, and assassin. The main male character was a vampire. I then thought of the Night Huntress series and began comparing the two. Well that’s not very fair of me. The two series are very different, and I like each series on their own. So here begins my review.Jasmine Parks or Jaz is an assassin for the CIA. Her claim to fame seems to be the amount of car wreckage she seems to leave behind in each job. I liked Jaz – she is a character that seems to grow on you. I liked her much better halfway through the book when we got more info on her background experiences and a certain event in the middle of the book. Jaz is assigned to be Vayl’s partner and body guard. Vayl is a vampire and a wraith. The two seem to hit it off very well, but we are not told why Vayl requested Jaz. Vayl makes an interesting mentor and it seems like he is really her bodyguard. You can sense an attraction between the two characters, but there really isn’t a sexual tension. It’s more like a genuine affection between two people. I didn't understand how the wraith thing worked - his touch freezes, but why didn't he freeze Jaz - or is it something he turns on and off. I hope to learn more about his character in subsequent books. I enjoyed Jaz’s internal and external dialogue. One of my favorite lines in the book was "I'd like a title. Maybe Idiot of the Year. Is that one taken?" Jaz also seems to develop a special power where she is able to leave her body and travel in spirit. Bergman, the gadget guru was one of my favorite characters. I pictured a young and way more paranoid Q from the James Bond movies as my Bergman. Bergman’s gadgets were really cool. The last third of the book was exciting and made up for any slowness in the plot. I’ll be picking up the next book in the series. Hopefully, it will answer some of my outstanding questions.