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Moon Called (Mercy Thompson Series #1)

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson Series #1) - I have been finding it hard to sit down and write a review for this book. I gave it 4 stars, so I did like it, so that can’t be a problem. I think it’s because I read it while on vacation and my brain was not in review mode. I really enjoyed this book. I liked Mercy. I liked that she was not a werewolf, but instead a skin walker that shifts into a coyote. Mercy is the only one of her kind and this seems to give her a special status with the werewolves. The werewolf lore and the pack politics were very interesting. The author’s descriptions of werewolves changing and their behavior during a change were fascinating. There is a scene where Mercy is with a new, young werewolf during one of his first changes and there is a moment where you think that she might be dinner, instead of a supportive friend. The characters were colorful and entertaining. I have a soft spot for Stefan, the Scooby Doo loving vampire. Not only did he have a van painted to look like the Mystery Machine, but his answering machine also played the Scooby Doo theme song. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.