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Immortal Highlander (Highlander Series #6)

The Immortal Highlander - Karen Marie Moning "I'm going to spend some time with a highlander," I announce to my husband as I try to find a quiet place to read in a house with 3 loud boys and a cat...I watch my husband raise his eyebrows, then here comes the eyeroll...but I just don't care. There is something about this series that calls to me.And I can't tell you why. The books are basically formulaic -- (1)Our heroine is a virgin.(2)Our hero is gorgeous, sexy, large, and well endowed.(3)There is travel either to or from to Scotland or both.(4)There is fae magic or mischief.(5)Our hero and heroine seem to get separated.(6)There is a nice tearful reunion.(7)There is a happily ever after. Again, I don't care. It works for me.In this installment, the previously mischievious Adam gets sent to the human world without all of his fae powers. Adam is being punished for helping the MacKeltar brothers. He can still sift from place to place, but he is invisible to humans except for Gabrielle, a sidhe-seer. Gabrielle has been taught to avoid the fae and not let them know that she can see them. She spend a lot of time avoiding Adam, but he keeps reappearing until she agrees to help him. Need I add that Adam is devastatingly gorgeous and Gabrielle is attracted to him. A romance slowly develops between the two. Adam is being pursued by Darroc (hmmm...wonder if he will appear in the Fever series somewhere) and Adam and Gabrielle end up in Scotland at the MacKeltar's castle. I loved how this book showed the MacKeltar brothers' happily ever after with their women. Adam's character surprised me. I always thought of him as a trouble maker. I liked seeing the tender, vulnerable, and loving Adam. Gabrielle is one lucky girl. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series!