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Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 8)

Lover Mine - J.R. Ward This book was a most satisfying read. I was mesmerized. I had trouble putting the book down. I read until my eyes could no longer focus on the page.So what makes a book so captivating? It has to be the cast of characters that I have grown to love. Maybe it is because the story is full of interesting twists and turns. Or maybe it is because J.R. Ward has a unique language in her books that has me adding new idioms and phrases to my vocabulary.Lover Mine focuses on John Matthew and his love, Xhex. I must say that at the end of Lover Avenged, I was ready to throttle John Matthew. He was acting like a petulant child. Thank you for growing up and acting like the vampire you were meant to be, John Matthew. John and Xhex’s relationship is beautiful. They are absolutely meant to be with each other. Xhex is one hardy female. She is a survivor. She is tough. She seems to be indestructible considering what her character goes through in the book. Yet when she is with John Matthew, we see a side of her that is vulnerable and loving. A Black Dagger Brotherhood book is never complete without a few subplots. My favorite subplot was Darius’ back story which seemed to mirror the main story. Darius' story is fascinating. Darius is a true vampire of worth. Tohr has been turned out of his family home, so Darius takes responsibility for Tohr.I didn’t understand the Holly and Gregg Paranormal Investigation subplot for the longest time. All I can say is don’t skim over this subplot, all will be revealed later on.And if you needed some relationship angst, Blay and Qhuinn are for you. These two just keep having near misses here and there. Every time Qhuinn is with a female, Blay suffers. If Blay sees another man, Qhuinn is jealous. Angsty….We get some insight into Payne’s character. Payne is the daughter of the Scribe Virgin and she is not allowed to venture into our world. I am looking forward to reading more about her. With the leadership of Lash, the Lessers seem to have become more formidable enemies. Lash is focused on building an army of Lessers. However, Lash has become distracted from his ultimate goal. His character becomes completely vile and he makes the most disgusting antagonist ever. There were a few annoyances in the book, namely the lack of question marks which made me re-read several paragraphs a few times. Also I found that the transitions were a little abrupt leading me to once again re-read paragraphs. So far, this is my favorite Black Dagger Brotherhood book. I am so looking forward to reading Lover Unleashed when it is released.