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Babylonne - Catherine Jinks 3.5 starsI inadvertently discovered Catherine Jinks last fall when I read The Reformed Vampire Support Group. Since then, I have been looking for any other books that she has written and pick them up at every opportunity.Babylonne is a very different young adult book. Set in the Middle Ages, our young heroine (Babylonne) is an orphan living a very difficult life. She is under the care of her grandmother, who beats and torments her regularly. Babylonne’s people are very religious, fanatical, almost to the point of a cult. They do not eat anything that is the product of fornication – no milk, eggs, cheese, or meat. They do not believe in marriage to procreate as this will cause sin. They are very anti-Catholic.It is this background that gives Babylonne her personality. Babylonne is a little bit of a heretic in her universe. She is a free thinker and is opinionated. Because of her behavior, her rather rabid grandmother decides that it is time to marry off Babylonne to an old man so that she could care for him. Babylonne overhears the plan and makes plans of her own to run away and join the knights. She cuts her hair, packs her meager belongings, dresses like a boy, and sets off.As she begins her journey, she meets Father Isadore. Father Isadore knew Babylonne’s father and has sworn that he would take care of her. Babylonne is now disguised as Benoit, Father Isadore’s servant. The story is told from Babylonne’s point of view. Babylonne’s fairy tale is interspersed throughout the book. You get a taste for the dangers of traveling in the Middle Ages. Babylonne’s upbringing shaped her world views, but through Father Isadore’s patience she learns that the world is not such a horrible place full of sin. There is an amazing battle/siege scene in the book. You can sense the smells and the sounds through the author’s descriptions. The horror of the battle, the atrocities committed, the general mayhem and terror, are all described well.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone 14 years and older. If you haven’t read any Catherine Jinks books before, give her a try.