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Thorn Queen (Dark Swan Novels)

Thorn Queen (Dark Swan, Book 2) - Richelle Mead I really liked this book. I enjoyed almost every moment. Our heroine Eugenie commutes between the human world working as a shaman and the Otherworld as the Thorn Queen. Eugenie has grown and developed as a character. She genuinely cares about her kingdom and tries to work out ways for her subjects to be able to survive in the new arid lands. When some girls go missing, Eugenie starts to hunt for them. I found it interesting that Eugenie does not tell her stepfather about her new position in the Otherworld. Gentry are still after Eugenie, hoping to impregnate her and fulfill the prophecy. Eugenie continues to learn how to use her magical powers, learning from Dorian’s mistress. The banter between Eugenie and Ysabel was humorous and we get an insight into Dorian’s many talents in the bedroom. We learn from Ysabel that he also has artistic talents with a paintbrush. Hmm…knots and paint. Dorian proves himself to be a good friend and ally to Eugenie. The sexual tension between the Eugenie and Dorian was delicious. Which brings us to Kiyo. I am ashamed to admit that I actually liked Kiyo in the first book. I came to despise him in this book. I found him judgmental and lacking empathy for Eugenie. One of the memorable scenes that stand out in the book is Queen Maiwenn’s baby shower. As the gentry rarely have young, the gifts were just a little inappropriate for a baby. Fine china and gemstones were amongst the gifts, contrasted with Eugenie’s gift of a teddy bear. I can't believe that there will be such a long wait for the next novel in the series. Can't wait to read it.