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Druid Bride

Druid Bride - Cornelia Amiri I have been reading a lot about Druids lately, so I was excited to win this book in a Goodreads giveaway.Druid Bride is the story of a young Druid priestess who travels to another tribe to marry the son of the chief. When Tanwen arrives at the village, she is immediately accepted by the villagers and she takes on a leadership role. Brude, the chief’s son, has difficulty accepting our Druid priestess at first, but his problem is quickly rectified and he eventually agrees to marry Tanwen. Tanwen is an interesting character. She is dedicated to her Druid priestess role and she seemed to fit in to the community rather quickly. She is a strong woman and very smart. Her knowledge and experience of Roman battle strategies helped her people prevail.I liked the story. The author does a great job of describing life in the village. There are interesting descriptions of the Druid rituals and festivals. There is a lot of information on the uses of herbs and plant life. The discussions on war strategy were very astute. The battle scenes were exciting. I just had a little trouble with the sex scenes. There is a lot of sex in this book. And the language used to describe the sex was a little strange at times. If you are interested in historical fiction with a touch of Druid mysticism, then this would be the book for you.