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Betrayals (Strange Angels)

Betrayals - Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow Betrayalscontinues the story of Dru Anderson with her escape from the Dakotas. Dru and her "loup garou" friend, Graves are taken to an isolated scola, where Dru is the only female amongst djamphirs and wulfen. There, Dru is to be protected from the vampires and werwulfen that want her dead. Oh, and there is a traitor somewhere.....The book started off a little slow for me, although it should not have. Basically the prologue is the last chapter of the previous book which was exciting. I found it a little repetitive. But, no problem.I found this book difficult to rate. As a young adult novel, it is one of the better ones out there. There is lots of action, incredible chase scenes, and some entertaining dialogue. It is well written and the author has some wonderful descriptions. My difficulty with this book lies with the main character. In the first book, Strange Angels, Dru is independent, resourceful, and a well trained fighter. In this installment, she seemed to me to be a "damsel in distress," hidden away in her room in the schola. Granted, she was injured in her escape and had to heal, but she just felt so cloistered in this new environment. I felt that her character was a little stymied.Graves has come into his own. Because of his loup garou status, (and I think it is extremely funny that the author chose this phrase because it does mean werewolf in French) he becomes a dominant "wolfman" in the scola. This serves to protect Dru from the djamphirs and other wolves.Christope -- I really like this character. You are never really sure which side he is on. I like the mystery. I love his smell. I wish I could have a boyfriend that smells that good. I actually liked reading about his interactions with Dru. There seems to be a little love triangle forming. This book reminded me a little bit of the Vampire Academy series. I think that people who liked that series will enjoy this series as well. I am looking forward to reading the next book.