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Magic Study

Magic Study - Maria V. Snyder Yelena reminds me of Benjamin Linus in the TV series Lost -- she always seems to get captured and beat up...In this sequel to Poison Study, I felt a little disappointed.What disappointed me was the characterization of our heroine. In Poison Study, Yelena had a difficult time, forced to choose execution or death as a poison taster. But she prevailed and overcame the difficulties that arose. In this book, Yelena seems rather helpless at times. She is betrayed, ambushed, captured, bound, and beaten many different instances in the book. Give the girl a break!While Yelena's helplessness disappointed me, there was another side to her character. Yelena seems to have the ability to make really loyal allies and friends OR really nasty enemies. Her friends rescue and protect her often. Yelena also has the ability to talk with horses. It was cute and touching at first, but a little annoying later on in the book. In Magic Study, Yelena is just coming into her powers. She will be a strong master magician.I was touched when Yelena was reunited with her family. Her father had drawn a sketch of her for every year she was missing. Her mother was a little wacko, but kind and loving. And there was 14 years' worth of sibling rivalry to catch up on. As I read the descriptions of the Zaltana's homes, I pictured the treetop homes of the Navi in the movie Avatar...I so missed Valek! Note to authors -- please do not write about a sexy man like Valek in one book and then make us wait and wait and wait and wait for his appearance in the sequel. Not nice at all! I felt Yelena's longing for Valek. I missed him too. The supporting characters were memorable. I was so happy to see that Ari and Janco came back. And enterprising Fisk, once a beggar, now an entrepeneur, all because Yelena took interest in his plight. Cahil truly annoyed me -- his immaturity and lack of discipline was truly loathsome.I will be reading Fire Study, but not right away.