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Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac - My initial reaction to this book was a look of disbelief at the title. I mean, how could an amnesiac have memoirs? I opened the book and started reading and I was captivated. What an interesting concept for a book.Naomi Porter loses a coin toss and must return to school to pickup a camera. There, she falls down the stairs and hits her head. When she regains consciousness, she can't remember anything that happened in the past 4 years. Important things, like her parents are divorced, her father is engaged to be married, she has a little sister, and that she has a boyfriend.So begins Naomi's journey to discover who she was. When she returns home from the hospital, she looks through her things and is surprised at the type of person she was. Throughout her recovery, she learns more about herself, some good, some bad.Naomi's best friend, Will is always around during Naomi's recovery. Will is one of those good guys, the sensitive kind, the best friend. Will constantly creates play lists for Naomi so that she can remember her past. There is also a bad boy character - James, who found Naomi after her fall. James is a perfect boyfriend for Naomi as long as she can not remember her past. Naomi's before the fall jock boyfriend Ace, is your typical teenage boy. Naomi can't remember why she was attracted to Ace in the first place.Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac was a memorable book for me. There were moments of humor, sadness, and relief. Naomi's journey of self discovery led to many opportunities for her to change her life for the better and to rebuild her relationships with her family and friends.