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White Cat (Curse Workers, Book 1)

White Cat - Holly Black This is a difficult book to review. It has a new (for me) and innovative idea for a story. It is told from the male character's point of view. But it was strangely unsatisfying. Things are revealed a little too early on in the story.Curse Workers are people born with the ability to change your emotions, dreams, luck, memories, or even transform you with a touch of the hands. "Workers" as they are called in the book, are usually gloved to prevent accidental touches. Curse working is illegal and most workers are criminals. White Cat is the story of Cassel Sharpe, who comes from a family of workers. Cassel is the only member of his family who does not have the workers' ability. He tries to blend in with his school friends but you can tell that Cassel is special. He is a very talented con artist and he is the school's local bookie. One night, he dreams of a white cat. He follows the cat in his dreams. When he awakens, he is on the roof of his school and everyone thinks that he is trying to commit suicide. This cat episode awakens some memories and Cassel realizes that things are not what they seemed.If you like stories about con games, this would be the book for you. I found that the book was a little slow and predictable.