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Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #6)

Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward 3.5 starsOK, so this definitely is not my favorite book of the series. I found that both Phury and Cormia frustrated me. Phury had way too many inner demons, guilt, and a drug addiction to be a sympathetic character. Cormia was a little bit of a dish rag. I kept wanting her to stand up for herself and tell Phury off. In this book, Phury becomes the Primale. Phury is responsible for repopulating the race. Problem is, he had taken a vow of celibacy and he was a virgin. So we have a Black Dagger Brother presented with a Chosen female Cormia and a whole stable full of ready and willing women. Much awkwardness ensues.The redeeming feature of this book were the secondary stories. I especially enjoyed the subplot about John Matthew and his friends Qhinn and Blay. These newly transitioned vampires were fun. The storyline around Lash was actually intriguing. Suddenly the Lessers are not running around like Keystone cops. They are now worthy adversaries and stand a chance at opposing the vampires.And Rehvenge....a character that scares me....I found him very intimidating. I am now looking forward to reading more about him in the next book.Lover Avenged is not fantastic literature, but it is fun to read and highly addictive.