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Shadowland (Immortals Series #3)

Shadowland (The Immortals, Book 3) - Alyson Noël Shadowland is the 3rd installment of the Evermore series. In this book, Ever is back together with Damon, except that they can not risk touching each other as Ever's DNA will kill Damon. A new mystic surfer dude, Jude is introduced as Ever's bookstore boss. As I was reading the book, I was struck by the lack of any type of excitement or action. The book just plodded along. My basic question would be - if you were dumped and badly treated by your boyfriend in the last book, why would you return to him and act as if nothing happened? Surely there must be better role models for teen readers.The other question that came up for me would be the topic of fate and soul mates. Are we fated to be with our soul mate? Does history repeat itself over and over again so that we can be with our soul mate? Does free will ever play a role? Can you or should you break the chain?I found this book angsty and repetitive. Ever was not as annoying as she was in the previous book, Blue Moon. I found the ending to be anti-climatic and unsatisfying.