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The Body Finder (Body Finder Series #1)

The Body Finder (Body Finder Series #1) - The Body Finder is the story of Violet Ambrose. Violet is a normal high school student in every way but one: She can find the imprint of dead people and she can sense people that have had contact with the dead. This gift becomes handy because there is a serial killer on the loose in her town. At a party by the lake, Violet and her best friend Jay find one of the killer's victims in the lake. Let me say a few words about Jay. Jay is the perfect best friend and later on the perfect boyfriend, probably too perfect to be realistic. He is very attractive and he cares deeply about Violet. Their relationship moves from best friends to boyfriend/girlfriend through the book, with a few annoying hiccups due to the usual miscommunications. The chapters written in the killer's point of view are downright creepy and scary. He thinks like a hunter, referring to himself as the predator and the girls as his prey. There is an underlying sense of danger. The book was well paced and full of suspense. It was hard to put down.