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New Release Review: Cold Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Cold Blooded - Amanda  Carlson

I’m going to try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. It’s hard because it is book 3 in a series, so here goes:


Cold Blooded takes place right after the events of the second book Hot Blooded. Our gang of werewolves  led by Jessica McClain – the only female werewolf and part of some kind of prophecy – is on the run again. The book starts off with a bang as magical orbs explode around Jessica and her entourage. Oh, and there is also that delicious sexual tension building between Jess and Rourke as our couple’s attempts for privacy keep getting thwarted.


What I love about this series is the diversity of supernatural beings. Each group has its own hierarchy and organization. I especially loved the badass witches. Don’t mess with them – they are armed and dangerous. The vampires were appropriately creepy. There are even ghosts, crazy sorcerers, demons thrown into the mix. The interaction between the groups made this an interesting read. The magic was cool – from wards to things that explode dramatically. I liked how the leader of each group had their own specific power and how they were able to draw upon their powers.


I could not talk about this series without mentioning the wonderful characters. This is a series with some very powerful female lead characters. Jess as a female alpha wolf was a very strong character whose abilities were only beginning to manifest. Jess had some great diplomatic skills and I can see her continuing to develop as a leader in future books. I loved Tally the head of the witch’s coven. Tally is one powerful witch and someone to keep on your side. Just the image of the witches in army fatigues and carrying automatic weapons was more than enough to make me smile. These are badass witches – don’t mess with them. Eudoxia the vampire queen was a bit of an enigma. I found her to be the master of psychological battle, preferring head games to actual battle.


Of course you cannot talk about this series without talk about that amazing feline shifter – Rourke. Mmmmm…..Yum….Need I say more? The man exudes sexiness. He is an alpha male through and through. I think I can safely say that we’d all like one of him in our lives.


Cold Blooded has lots of action, lots of excitement, lots of explosions, and even more “fur”plosions. This is a perfect book for urban fantasy lovers. Note – the book does end on a cliffhanger, so I’m eagerly anticipating the next book.


Series Reading Order


  1. Full Blooded
  2. Hot Blooded
  3. Cold Blooded
  4. Red Blooded (TBA 2014)


Thank you to NetGalley and Orbit Books for a review copy of this book.


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