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Series I Need to Continue - Urban Fantasy Part 1

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There are so many different kinds of readers out there: voracious readers, leisure readers, reluctant readers, OCD readers, etc. Then there are people like me. I amass huge quantities of books, both paper and electronic. I get advance reader copies (ARCs), I buy paperbacks, I buy used books, and I shop at the local bargain bin at my local bookstore. I can’t remember leaving a bookstore of any kind without a purchase in hand, despite having hundreds of unread books at home. Lets not even talk about what books are waiting for me to read on my ereader. For some reason my ereader feels very heavy even though it has weighed the same since I bought it.


This brings me to the subject at hand. All these books mean that I have LOTS of series to read and finish. Some series are ongoing, so I have an excuse. Others are complete and are begging for me to read. And some series are waiting for me to find that missing book in the series before I continue reading. Now, let me just say that I have been known to read books out of order and even skip books in a series with no difficulty or angst. Others out there – and you know who you are – can not even look at a series and read out of order. Your OCD demon goes bonkers. In a way, I am kind of jealous of your ways. You take a series and systematically and faithfully read each book in the series in order and in a reasonable amount of time. I just can’t do that. I’ve started countless series and when I get a taste for one author’s writing style, I get distracted by the latest shiny new book by another author. That leaves me behind in my series reading.


There are definite advantages to reading all the books in a series at my leisure one book at a time, whenever.


  • You can savor a series and enjoy all the little things that make you go squee!
  • Your wait for the next book in the series is shorter or nonexistent.
  • You don’t get series fatigue and each book feels new.
  • You can purchase the book used or on sale or your library has finally had a chance to get the book.
  • No waiting lists at the library

However, the disadvantages are many:


  • Spoilers. Don’t you just hate spoilers? (That’s another topic). All it takes is someone to say: “Is that the book where Johnny dies?” and pfffttt – book ruined.
  • You’ve forgotten what happened in the previous book. (A good author recaps well, without being repetitive).
  • More spoilers – even in the book blurbs for subsequent books.

Here’s a partial list of urban fantasy series I need to continue: (Note – there are many, so this may become a regular post)


Tempting DangerThe World of the Lupi by Eileen Wilks
I’m on book 7 – Blood Challenge
There are currently 10 books in the series with a few short stories.
If you like Kelley Armstrong, Patricia Briggs, Rachel Vincent, and Amanda Carlson, you’ll enjoy this series full of werewolves, dragons, and other assorted supernaturals. The lead couple Rule and Lily are awesome.



Ill WindWeather Wardens by Rachel Caine
I’m on book 5 – Firestorm
There are 9 books in this series and there is also a spin off series. The series is complete
I’m waiting for some vacation time to immerse myself in this world which is truly unique. Weather Wardens control djinns who use their powers to disperse the power of storms.


Slave_to_sensation.JPGPsy-Changelings by Nalini Singh
I’m on book 8 – Bonds of Justice
There are 12 published books in this series with more to come, as well as many short stories.
OK, I’m late to the Nalini Singh bandwagon. I have a lot of catching up to do. Personally, I’m not that keen on the Psy, and who the heck is that Ghost (DON’T TELL ME IF YOU KNOW!)? I do love the Changelings and the Psynet thingy is kind of cool. And oh, can Ms. Singh write some hot smexy scenes.



some girls biteChicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill
I’m on book 6 – Biting Cold
There are already 9 books in this series, with a 10th book scheduled for 2014 (when did that happen?)
Ethan – Merit, Ethan – Merit….oh, the angst!
I stopped reading this series but I might need to pick it up again just because I am curious.


Anyhow, those are my urban fantasy picks (part I) of Series I Need to Continue. Stay tuned for more as I go through my enormous to read list and pick out the Series I Need to Continue.


Here’s a sneak peek at my list for Series I Need to Continue – Urban Fantasy Part II:

  • Carrie Vaughn – Kitty Norville
  • Kevin Hearne – Iron Druid Chronicles
  • Jim Butcher – Harry Dresden
  • Seanan McGuire – October Daye
  • Thea Harrison – Elder Races


What kind of series reader are you? 


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