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Review: Dirt Nap (Book 2.2 in the Marnie Baranuik series)

Dirt Nap (A Marnie Baranuik "Between the Files" Story) - A.J. Aalto

This series is awesome! Marnie always seems to find herself in the scariest and most hilarious situations.


Dirt Nap is a fairly short novella set in the Marnie Baranuik world. The story takes place after Death Rejoices and before Last Impressions. It features Marnie doing what she does best – monster wrangling and this monster is huge! I love the originality of this series – how many books have you read include a giant rock monster and his/her baby pebble? There’s also a nice touch of sexual tension between Marnie and her sort of love interest – Mark Batten. Sadly, the story takes place during daylight so Harry and Wes are not around.


For those looking for a new urban fantasy series to follow, the first book is Touched. 



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