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Review: Blood Challenge by Eileen Wilks (World of the Lupi #7)

Blood Challenge (Lupi Series #7) - Eileen Wilks

I don't know how she does it, but each installment of Eileen Wilks'World of the Lupi series gets better and better. I think that what sets this series apart is the intricate world built by the author. The World of the Lupi series includes all sorts of magical creatures and humans with special magical "Gifts." One such human, Lily Yu is a touch sensitive - she is able to identify a magical gift by touch. Her mate, Rule Turner is a werewolf and leader of one of the werewolf clans. Lily and Rule are one of my favorite urban fantasy couples. Lily is an FBI agent in their Magical Crimes Division and she is strong and fiercely independent. Lily also has an interesting heritage and her "grandfather" has ensured that she have special powers. 

This is a world where humans are suspect of those who go furry. A group called Humans First has been wreaking havoc and an attempt on Lily's life was made. At the same time, Lily and Rule investigate a case of a werewolf who had gone crazy, killing several people around them. 

I enjoyed the lore of the Lady and how the werewolves worship her. I loved how The Lady plays a part in the Chosen - a woman who is to be the mate of a werewolf. In this book, Rule's brother Benedict gets an unprecedented second Chosen - the mysterious Arjenni. I loved Arjenni - she was so cute. It was kind of nice to see Benedict so smitten. 

This was an action packed read and it was nice seeing all of my favorite characters in this book, especially the very gorgeous Cullen. The World of the Lupi would appeal to fans of Kelley Armstrong, Patrica Briggs, and Ilona Andrews. The first book is Mortal Danger. The books get better and better as you move along in the series.