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New Release Review: World After by Susan Ee

World After  - Susan Ee

A few of us discovered the awesomeness of Angelfall about 2 years ago and ever since then we’ve waited with bated breath for the long awaited sequel, World After. Was it worth the excruciatingly long wait? You betcha! World After delivers so much, it’s even better than its predecessor. Now, you are probably asking yourself, how can Ms.Ee top the awesomeness of Angelfall? She did – and in a most entertaining, edge of your seat, fantastic way.


World After easily falls into my top reads of 2013. Too bad it didn’t make the deadline for the Goodreads Choice Awards. This book would have easily blown away the competition.


OK, enough gushing.


The world is a mess. The angels have destroyed cities and have left destruction and chaos everywhere. World After picks up immediately where Angelfall left off. Our heroine Penryn really doesn’t get much of a break in the action – she is the center of it throughout. The world is a mess and the San Francisco area is littered with destroyed bits of technology. Penryn’s mom is still her crazy, paranoid self – only in this book, she takes on the role of a crazy terrorist, thwarting the angels’ plans in ways that only Penryn’s mom seems to get away with.


We learn more about Paige and what has happened to her. Throughout the first book, Penryn is constantly searching for her little sister Paige, who was taken away by the angels. Paige is a character that instills sympathy in the reader because of her disabilities. Now Paige has become something else, and there really is more than meets the eye. I’m curious to see what will become of this character in later books.


One of my favorite things about this book (aside from Raffe) was Raffe’s sword. I loved the dream sequences where the sword showed Penryn Raffe’s story. What an intriguing way to move along the story and provide background. Penryn’s was of hiding the sword in plain sight was genius and her nickname for the sword made me chuckle.


A word about Penryn. She is by far the most authentic young adult heroine out there. She is kick ass, fierce, a true warrior – yet underneath, she is just a teenager with some difficult life issues. Penryn has a soft side to her; she cares for the people around her.  Her thought processes show an amazing maturity to a young woman who has had to grow up way too fast.


As for Raffe (still one of my favorite things about this book) – I missed him terribly in the first third of the book. Things did look up when he did show up. I think most of us would agree – more Raffe!


World After was definitely worth the long and agonizing wait. Fantastic job, Ms. Ee! Please don’t make us wait so long for book 3.


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Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/229960882