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New Release Review: Skulk by Rosie Best

Skulk - Rosie Best

Not sure how to rate this one. It was OK, I guess, just not that memorable. It's not to say that it was bad, either. I'm on the fence about this one.


In a typical young adult novel, the parents are often disengaged or absent. Meg's parents are horrid. Her father is described as "...a vague pinkish presence at the the dinner table..." The mother was a rabid control freak, counting every calorie her daughter consumed, and locking her in a cupboard when she did not behave or ate too much.

I had to like Meg. I've struggled with weight issues all my life. Having someone micromanage your diet does not help. In fact, it kind of makes you want to eat all that is forbidden. Poor Meg. Having parents such as hers, how does she cope? She becomes a graffiti artist. While on one of her late night graffiti runs, she witnesses the death of a young man. Before he died, he handed her a stone. Meg then becomes a shifter.

The organization of the shifter world was interesting, however, I could not figure out why they disliked each other so much. Each type of shifter had their special stone, and the villain was collecting these stones to increase her power. Skulk had an interesting premise and would be suitable for young adult readers.

Thank you to Strange Chemistry for a review copy of this book.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/686806742