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Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Doctor Sleep - Stephen King

The Shining has a sequel? Bring it on!

As you can see by the comment above, I was very excited to hear that The Shining had a sequel. Just how could Mr. King top the book (and movie) that caused me so many nightmares during my teenage years? Just that image of Jack Nicholson with his crazy face and that axe - shudder. And little Danny Torrance muttering REDRUM...still scares me.

Well Danny's all grown up now and has experienced all sorts of trauma. He's a recovering alcoholic living in New Hampshire and he still has a bit of that Shining. There's also a special little girl living in the area and she can do all sorts of wonderful things. Abra communicates with Danny psychically.

Now the bad guys were an odd lot - kind of like psychic vampires who needed to harvest the essence of those who had The Shining - they called it Steam. The leader of the bad guys Rose, was one scary b*tch. Rose is very interested in Abra. 

I listened to the audio book version narrated by Will Patton. The narrator did an amazing job, bringing the characters to life and changing his voice for each character. It is a very long audio book but I found that the time passed very quickly. 

Stephen King fans will enjoy this book immensely. If you have not read The Shining, you do not need to do so before you read this book - it works well as a stand alone title. You will want to go back to read The Shining later on (and maybe even add The Shining to your Netflix queue). 

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