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New Release Review: Ashes to Ashes by Karina Halle

Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror #8) - Karina Halle

First things first - if you have not yet started this series, what are you waiting for? Book 1 Darkhouse is free on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords. Get it. Read it (preferably in daylight). Bet you can't just stop at one book.


The Experiment in Terror series is one of those pleasant reading surprises. It's a series that grabs you, keeps you enthralled, and leaves you wanting more. Ashes to Ashes is the eighth book in the series and our protagonists have been through a lot in the past eight months. (How can it only be eight months? It feels like so much longer).


Part of the attraction of this series is the relationship between our main characters Perry and Dex. As stated above, these two have been through so much together (and apart). This is not your typical relationship - these two are intense. And when they get it on...sparks fly. What I love about these two is that they learn from their mistakes and their characters keep on growing and maturing (except when Dex behaves like a teenage boy). Dex is beginning to see a future for himself that includes Perry. Unfortunately, his timing sucks.


In Ashes to Ashes, Dex and Perry, along with new team member Rebecca, head back down to Oregon and visit Uncle Al. It's a nice touch revisiting the place where Perry and Dex met. They then head over to an old TB sanatorium to investigate a haunting. Oh, does Ms. Halle know how to stage her settings well. Isolated sanatorium on a hill on the Oregon coast, shrouded by fog - I'm already creeped out and we haven't even entered the building. Add in some malevolent entities playing ball, secret tunnels, restricted floors - are you scared yet?


I've come to enjoy the appearance of Pippa in these books. Her presence always seems to foreshadow something and while her warnings are cryptic, they always make sense by the end of the book.


Probably the most scary thing about this book was Dex and Perry's visit over at Perry's house. Let's just say that Perry's parents are not the most supportive and their dislike of Dex is toxic. Kudos to Little Fifteen - Ada for serving as a buffer.


Ashes to Ashes is the best book in the series so far. I'll be really sad to see this series wrap up but I feel confident that Ms. Halle will keep on wowing us in the future. It's going to be a long wait for Dust to Dust (May 2014).


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