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Early Review: Circle of Fire by Keri Arthur

Circle of Fire  - Keri Arthur

So here I was getting all excited that I found something new and fresh in the urban fantasy/paranormal romance genre. Then I realized that this series was originally published in 2001 and 2009 under the same name. Well, it's still a new-to-me series, so I guess I can go ahead with my gushing.


It's so much fun to find fresh, new books in urban fantasy. I mean, how many different ways can you do the vampire/werewolf thing? Circle of Fire is a solid start to the Damask Circle series. In fact, I loved being in this world. I literally devoured the book in one sitting. 


I think I enjoyed this book because it was a different take on the same old stuff. The main characters had intriguing abilities. Maddie Smith was an untrained psychic with the ability to start fires. Jon Barnett is a shape shifter whose main form is a hawk. 


This world is juxtaposed with our human world. Humans look down upon those with gifts and special abilities. Maddie was untrained because her family, then her late husband all tried to repress her gifts. The result was disastrous for Maddie. Discrimination runs rampant against the gifted and paranormal. Jon works for the Damask Circle, a special agency or police force for paranormal creatures. He is currently investigating the disappearance and murder of teenagers at the full moon.


This is not your ordinary romance. Jon appeals to Maddie to rescue him by appearing to her as a ghost-like image. Despite her reservations, Maddie drives out to Tauren Bay and rescues Jon from a well. Together, they begin to investigate the kidnappings (Maddie has a personal stake - her nephew is one of the missing), putting themselves in danger.


The plot moves along fairly fast. Jon and Maddie race against the clock to rescue the kids before the new moon. The villain is quite powerful and scary as are some of the townspeople.


My only reservation about this book was that I wanted to smack Jon upside the head a few times. I couldn't understand why he would deny his feelings for Maddie for so long. Darn commitment issues.


Circle of Fire was a fast paced, action packed read. I can't wait to get to the next book in the series Circle of Death.


Thank you to NetGalley and Dell for a review copy of this book.


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